Heat Recovery Systems

With the support of our Italian Partner (Termogamma), who has more than 30 years of European field experience, we provide a complex heat recovery solutions for the industrial and commercial facilities to get benefit of any wasted heat sources. The systems includes:

  • KitCOG System: A perfectly integrated system to recover heat from Diesel and gas generators, delivering Hot water up to 90 Deg. or steam up to 8 Bars pressure.
  • SAVER System: Designed to improve the efficiency of the industrial processes. It collects the dissipated heat from any hot point (chimney stacks, wasted hot water, etc...) and delivers free energy in different sorts: Steam, hot water, Hot Air, cooling, and power generation.
  • WASS System: A special kit designed to enhance the energy efficiency of air-cooled electric chillers, reducing the cooling energy consumption up to 35%.
  • HIT System: An electrical heat pump that reaches with high performance in conditions where other heat pumps fail. Capable of delivering hot water supply up to 80 Deg. at a very low electrical consumption.
Payback Range: 1 Year – 3.5 years

About us

In 2002, Engineer Mazen Shbaro and partners launched Memo sarl, a company specialized in MEP contracting works. The company started with headcount of 2 employees. Today, the company counts 100 skilled employees including engineers, technicians, administrative officers and skilled labors.


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