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MEMO Energy, is an expert provider for a comprehensive Customer Driven Energy management solutions and services, covering the whole spectrum of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Fields.

Our aim is to provide the Latest Energy Cost Saving Solutions, Customized for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional sectors in MENA Region.

Being a Certified ESCO Company, our role combines both the consulting and contracting parts of energy solutions. As such, it has also the expertise to manage, implement, and commission with the measurement and verification of the savings for all energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Our Qualifications:

Aside from being a certified ESCO company, our highly qualified team of engineers and experts, including certified professional assessors and auditors, has a proven track record in providing energy efficient and resources management solutions and services.

Our services comply with recognized guidelines, standards and rating systems such as the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) system, the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IP-MVP), and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system.

Our Key Clients:

Industrial Sector: Process production, Petrochemical, Fabrication, & Assembly Industries
Commercial Sector: Malls, Hospitals, restaurants, & Bakeries
Educational Sector: Universities & Schools
Hospitality Sector: Hotels, Resorts & SPA’s

Our Key Services:

We offer an array of tailor-made Energy Management Services, including:

  • Consulting of Energy Efficiency Audits for Industrial & Commercial Environments
  • Implementation of Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Cloud-based Energy and Resources Management services
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Assistance in project financing
Our Featured Services:

Photovoltaic System

We provide PV systems with a high value of money solutions, 30 years of production warranty, best of quality components and execution standards, while having a fast payback period due to our attractive prices. 

Payback Range: 2.5 years – 4 Years

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Solar Hot Water Systems

With our high efficiency hot water solar panels, we design the best fit solutions to get the most benefit of the solar energy, delivering hot water for domestic and industrial uses. 

Payback Range: 1.5 Years – 2.5 years

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Heat Recovery Systems

With the support of our Italian Partner (Termogamma), who has more than 30 years of European field experience, we provide a complex heat recovery solutions for the industrial and commercial facilities to get benefit of any wasted heat sources. The systems includes:

  • KitCOG System: A perfectly integrated system to recover heat from Diesel and gas generators, delivering Hot water up to 90 Deg. or steam up to 8 Bars pressure.
  • SAVER System: Designed to improve the efficiency of the industrial processes. It collects the dissipated heat from any hot point (chimney stacks, wasted hot water, etc...) and delivers free energy in different sorts: Steam, hot water, Hot Air, cooling, and power generation.
  • WASS System: A special kit designed to enhance the energy efficiency of air-cooled electric chillers, reducing the cooling energy consumption up to 35%.
  • HIT System: An electrical heat pump that reaches with high performance in conditions where other heat pumps fail. Capable of delivering hot water supply up to 80 Deg. at a very low electrical consumption.
Payback Range: 1 Year – 3.5 years

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Lighting Retrofit

Retrofit all conventional Indoor & Outdoor lighting systems with our high end LED lighting systems, including Indoor & outdoor lighting with a proven track of reliability and durability.
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Energy Monitoring Systems

We provide full cloud based monitoring and control system over your electrical, water, gas and any other resources consumption.

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Training Services

We offer awareness lectures and trainings to the operating and maintenance teams for the sake of energy conservation best practices by changing human daily habits and periodic inspections, all customized by the type of industry.

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MEMO Energy Service
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About us

In 2002, Engineer Mazen Shbaro and partners launched Memo sarl, a company specialized in MEP contracting works. The company started with headcount of 2 employees. Today, the company counts 100 skilled employees including engineers, technicians, administrative officers and skilled labors.


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